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Thoughts on Music

Guide to the World of Music
A humble attempt to sort out and make sense of today's musical landscape

The Major forces at work today:
- The Public, whose interest in and need for music is practically innate, yet lacks enough knowledge to fully appreciate it.

- The Musicians, who pass the torch from generation to generation, and bring to the public our greatest natural resource, creativity.

- The Businesses who invest in music, control the public's attention, and drive the choices that everyone else makes to earn a living in the field.

The Family Tree of Modern Music:
- The Pop/Rock beat-driven family of simple musical forms that stems from blues

- The HipHop/Rap rhythm-driven family of music that has reincarnated and modernized African musical sensibilities

- The unique Regional/Folk strains of music that have evolved from ancient forms

- The Jazz spectrum, once among the popular forms, now an overlooked, albeit elite form

- Classical music, long out of the mainstream (or never in the first place), leads a secret life away from the limelight

The Transmission of Music
- 1. Personalized recordings, via records-CDs-MP3s, the personally-selected playlist of recorded music is the dominant method of listening for most people, and with the fast pace of today's world, probably always will be.

- 2. Passive Listening, via radio-tv-etc, listening without choosing and, worse, without thinking is a common pitfall of modern life.

- 3. Live Performance, long the only way people heard music, is a distant 3rd place , despite the fact the most music can only truly be communicated from musician to listener in this fashion.