On this site, you can find some of my more interesting discoveries. I hope to keep my family in the loop with new finds, as well as facilitate other families' genealogical research. Use the buttons on the right to navigate through the cultural categories that I break down these records into. I have much more than is currently online, if you want more records for a particular person/family, just ask.

To me, genealogy is the study of ourselves. It's a puzzle. It's challenging. And ultimately we can really never even come close to finishing. But through it we can gain fascinating and valuable perspective on our family's past, and hopefully even bring a sense of belonging to our future.

Quick note in regards to online genealogy: "Genealogical research has become exponentially easier in the just the last few years, with the advent of digitized records, online libraries, and personal archives like this, my belief is that in the near future, almost EVERYTHING one needs to research their family tree will be available online." When I typed that in 2005, it was a distant dream. Since then, online resources have grown NEARLY to the point where all research can be done online. I would predict that within 20 years, all historical/genealogical documents in the US and Europe will be scanned and accessible online in some form or another.

Newspaper Article from the 1930s