My American Ancestry

These are records of ancestors whom I can only define as "American," because either the family had lived
in the U.S. for several generations, or I just don't think they require a non-American cultural context.

Surnames of Ancestors who have lived in the USA:
Bender, Dupper, Hanna, Heinz, Hesser, Jurski, Kantz, Kelly,
Little, McMahon, O'Connell, O'Conner, Pohlmayer, Rudolph, Sharpe, Starogarski

*Hanna Gravesite
*Rudolph Bible
*Rudolph Death Listings
*Darby, PA Connection
*Mount Moriah Cemetery
*Ida Sharp Marriage Record
*William Sharp Death Record

September 4, 2011
Hanna Gravesite, Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia

This weekend, my dad and I closed one more chapter in our search for our Hanna family roots. After several years of research, and searching through an abandoned cemetery, we finally have found (and now uprighted) the gravestone of our first Hanna ancestors to come to the US. This story gets it's own webpage. See HERE.

April 21, 2011
Rudolph Family Bible

The Rudolph family Bible was the property of Eliza Fiss Rudolph (1791-1877), wife of George Rudolph Jr. (1792-1828). Though in poor condition, some of the information survives.

April 21, 2011
Rudolph Death Listings

Here are several death record listings for the Rudolph family. Eliza Fiss (Rudolph)(d. 1877), George Rudolph Jr. (d. 1828), George Rudolph III (d. 1906), AnnaBella Hesser Rudolph (d. 1860), and Daniel Hesser (d. 1862).

February 6, 2011
Darby Township, PA

Click HERE to read a document I created to piece together the information about the Hanna's interesting connections to Darby, PA.

Below is a map of Darby, circa 1870. Just outside the western border of Darby Borough, along the Wilmington Post Road, you can see the "brush factory" where I believe our family lived and worked for about 10 years beginning around 1868.


Click HERE to see my pictures of Minersville, PA, hometown of our Bender and Kelly family ancestors.

Mount Moriah Cemetery

Mount Moriah Cemetery in southwest Philadelphia is in various states of neglect. There are Hanna's buried in this cemetery, sadly without proper gravestones or much documentation to pinpoint their plots.

1. Alexander Hanna (d. 12/22/1880) - buried in Section 204
2. Elizabeth Hanna (d. 10/6/1884) - buried in Section 109
3. Edward Hanna (d. 6/25/1895) - section unknown

Here are PICTURES from our visits to Mt. Moriah.

Sharpe Marriage Record

Anthony J. Sharpe and Addie I. Abrams were married on July 14, 1898 in Manhattan, NYC. Why Manhattan? I don't know, but Ida did live there with her family at least once, and so perhaps she had relatives or friends living in Manhattan still. Anthony was born and raised in Philly, though, so how did they meet??

Here is their marriage certificate. Based on the signatures, I'd say Ida filled out the certificate. Her age is listed as 7 yrs. too young, but I guess she was 23 'at heart.'

William Sharp Death Record

We know very little about William Sharp, the earliest Sharp ancestor we have record of. It does appear he was an immigrant from Ireland, as was his wife, but chances are he moved to the US with his parents, who are still a mystery. Other than this record, he only appears on the 1860 Census.

The is the death registry from Philadelphia in 1860, the first year that records were officially kept. William Sharp (without an E at the end) died on the 19th of September, at age 47, of "paralysis of the stomach." He had been a Jeweller, from Ireland, and lived at 912 S. 6th St. He was buried on the 23rd at Cedar State Cemetery.