My German Ancestry

Surnames of my known German/Austrian Ancestors:
Rudolph, Dupper, Hesser, Visel, Schür, Bühler, Werner, Gengenbach, Breuning,
Pohlmayer, Heinz, Thiret, Kantz, Munder, Bender, Volpart

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1695 Marriage Scandal!
Dupper Database
Bender Bible
Bender - 1860/1870 Censuses
Dupper Records

The Great Dupper "Scandal" of 1695

To make a long story short... After literally 5 years of trying to translate a certain record (see below: Dupper Records), I finally broke down and paid for some professional help. The pro cited the difficulty of the handwriting, and was unable to make out every word (which made me feel better), but did manage to get a significant amount.
The record recounts the marriage of Cunrad Dupper and Catherina Visels on July 9th, 1695. But, this was no "ordinary" marriage. Cunrad had previously been mayor/sheriff of the little town, and had also previously been married. His wife had died, though, and Cunrad, in his grief, engaged in a not-so-secret relationship with his maid-servant. And so, as he attempted to remarry in 1695, the priest took the opportunity to make clear what a terrible person Cunrad is, and how God may or may not forgive him. A scripture quote also hints that the reason they are allowing this is that he needs a woman to bring him back from his wicked ways.

The record ends: "May God lead him to the acknowledgement and true remorse for his sins, and may he guide him away from his wrong path to the right path."

And so it was that the Duppers became lowly farmers, and eventually left for better prospects in the New World.

Remmingsheim Dupper Database

After researching the Duppers on microfilm for some time, I decided I would record ALL Dupper births that I found on the microfilm. There are a lot! This is not complete -- it may never be complete, because I stopped working on it in early 2006. What I have created is a database of births between roughly 1600 and 1799 in the little town of Remmingsheim, Germany. Hopefully this will be of use to someone, to justify doing such a time-wasting thing as this!

Here you are. It's in .xls format. Be sure to check out the "Explanation" worksheet. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

Bender Family Bible

Here is the family record that was written in F.C. Bender's Family Bible.

Francis Bender Census Records

Here are the 2 earliest census records of Francis C. Bender, 1860 and 1870. He emigrated from Prussia in 1852, so these would be the first records of him in America. When he first moved here, he lived with his uncle, John Volpert, as seen in the 1860 census. He worked for Uncle John until the local artillery company he belonged to joined the civil war for a brief 3 month stint. After that, he quickly got married to Katherine O'Conner of nearby Heckscherville (now part of Pottsville). They had 4 children by the time of the 1870 census, although the oldest had died.


Dupper Family Records

I have spent lots and lots of time going through microfilm records of the churches in Bondorf and Remmingsheim, Germany.... trying to get as far as possible with the Dupper family tree. (btw, My Great Grandmom Hanna's mother was a Dupper) Well, I'm stumped with the following marriage record from July 9, 1695. I've tried transcribing and translating it, but have not gotten far because of the length of the entry. Ugh... here it is. Any experts in 17th century german handwriting out there?

*More pictures and things of the Dupper's previous homeland in Southern Germany.*

Bondorf Symbol View of Bondorf The Church in Remmingsheim