My Irish Ancestry

Surnames of my known Scottish/Irish Ancestors:
Hanna, Little, Sharpe, McMahon, O'Connell, Kelly, Finn, Shannon, Griffiths, O'Conner, Maley

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April 30, 2011
More McMahon Records

Death Cert. for Peter McMahon ... Death Cert. for Maria McMahon
(PopPop McMahon's Father)...........(Peter McMahon's Mother)

Death Cert. for William McMahon ... Death Cert. for Arthur McMahon
(Peter McMahon's Father) ............ (Peter McMahon's Uncle)

Marriage Register Entry
for Peter McMahon & Ellen O'Connell

January 17, 2011
Death Notice for Alexander Hanna

This death notice was published in the Philadelphia Ledger on December 24, 1880.

HANNA - On the 22d instant, ALEXANDER HANNA, aged 77 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday, 25th instant, at 10 o'clock, from his late residence, No. 1926 Wilcox street. To proceed to Mt. Moriah.

Philadelphia Church Records of Alex Hanna

Although the church affiliations of other family members remains elusive, I have found the church records that show Alex Hanna's comings and goings during the years of his membership at Grace Presbyterian Church.

Alex joined Grace Pres. in 1872 (image #1). It was a new congregation with a motivated young minister that met in a homemade tent in a lot along Washington Ave. in south Philly. Only 3 years later, Alex moved out of the city to Darby, PA in order to live near/with his sons that were living there. He was admitted to Darby Pres. (#2) and remained there for 2 years. In 1877 he was granted permission (#3) to transfer back to Grace Pres. in Philadelphia (#4). The records also note his death in 1880.

How do we know this is the right Alex Hanna? Besides the conspicuous move to Darby that coincides with that of his sons, the preacher at Grace Pres. (Andrew Culver) is listed as the officiant at the his son Samuel's wedding to Lizzie Getty in 1884.

#1 #2 #3 #4

C.D.s of Immigrant Hannas

Alexander Hanna --------------------------- Edward Hanna

David Hanna --------------------------- Anna Hanna Carr

McMahon Burial Record from St. Denis in Havertown

This lot is primarily the grave of Peter J. McMahon and his wife Ellen O'Connell McMahon.
Buried with them are all of their children (and 2 spouses), except for our William and Loyala McMahon, who are of course buried at St. Peter and Paul's in Springfield. It's too bad the record doesn't say much about Ellen O'Connell McMahon, though, because relatively little is known about her, as she died in childbirth at a young age (37 yrs). (Click to enlarge.)

St. Denis Record St. Denis Record

Hanna Family - 1850 Census

I'm really excited to finally find the family on the 1850 census. The only one the still eludes me now is the 1860.

The census is not very detailed, but provides us some more clues to use in future research.

Clue #1: Alexander's wife is not present. She died sometime between Aug 1849 when they sailed here, and Aug 1850 when the census was taken. Maybe she fell victim to a disease on board the ship...

Clue #2: There are 3 'new' Hanna's listed between Alexander (line 14) and his 4 known sons (lines 18-21). Being that his wife was shown as 10 years younger than him on the ship record, the John listed (line 15) could not be his child. It could be a brother or nephew, though. Ann (line 16) and Alixander (line 17) are both listed as 20 yrs old, so 1 could be a child (I'd bet on Alixander), and one a niece, or wife of John (line 15).

Hanna Family Ship Record

Somehow I got lucky and found the ship register for my family's passage to the U.S.

They sailed on the Ship Delta from Londonderry to Philadelphia. They arrived on August 11, 1849. There are six passengers listed: Alex Hannah, Mrs., Wm, Edward, Davi, and Sam. (If only they had put a name instead of MRS.!)

Read lines 129-134 of the register to see it. I'm 99% sure this is ours.

McMahon Census Records - 1870

1870 Census records don't give you very much information -- mainly names and ages. But, DO notice the newest mispelling of their name ("McMann"). Click the image for a larger version.

McMahon Family Tree - *Simplified*

Hugh McMahon(?) + Somebody
Peter McMahon (1798 - 1872) + Mary (1810 - 1853)
William McMahon (1835 - 1909) + Maria Finn (1838 - 1878)
Peter J. McMahon (1864 - 1947) + Ellen O'Connell (1867 - 1904)
William J. McMahon (1892 - 1972) + Loyola Kelly (1892 - 1983)


McMahon Burials in Old Cathedral Cemetery

Old Cathedral Cemetery in Philadelphia (at 48th and Lancaster) has been hiding a lot of long, lost McMahons.

I visited the cemetery and copied the list of people buried in the plot there, which was bought by Peter McMahon, PopPop McMahon's father. There are 16 people buried in 1 plot -- 12 of them are McMahons.

I've done my best to figure out who's who, since we don't really have any family records that cover most of them. Most interesting of all is that William McMahon (Peter McMahon's father, not son) is here with his parents: Peter and Mary McMahon (Yes, there are 2 Peters and 2 Williams). Until now, we've thought that his father was the mysterious "Hugh" McMahon briefly mentioned in some old letters. This burial record shows otherwise.

Click below for my copy of the burial record, the directions to the grave, and pictures of it.

Interment Records.. Directions to Grave..Gravestone ..Gravestone

P.S. The crucifix on the gravestone is loose, and leaning. Unfortunately, I think a good storm might knock it off...

McMahon Census Records - 1880

Census Records are great. They tend to give a wealth of information, both factual, and implied about our families. I've had several censuses of the McMahon family: 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930. I couldn't, until a few days ago, find anything earlier. Finally, I found the 1880 census for William McMahon and family (fyi, for anyone new to this, there are no 1890 census records. They burned up in a fire almost a century ago.). This census record was impossible to find before, since he had such a common name, and because his happens to be spelled wrong on the census record: Wm McMahan.

3 great things I learned from this record:

1) Maria Finn McMahon, his wife, died before 1880, because she isn't on the record,
2) The approximate birth years of the kids in the family, and ....
3) They lived at 2468 Martha St.

Anyone who was at my wedding reception at Yards Brewing Company (2439 Martha St.) actually saw the McMahon house! That big door/window at Yards faces a small ghetto street with dilapadated houses and trash everywhere. Well, The McMahon house is halfway down that block. How ridiculous! I've walked down that street dozens of times before.

1880 Census: ..Martha St. Martha St.

Hanna Family - Ancestral Symbols

The Hanna Family Coat of Arms
Click 2nd image for a history of it.

Sorbie Castle in Scotland
(from a 19th century wood cutting)

Clans of Scotland
Hanna's (not shown) were in
very south in Wigtonshire.